8 brushing mistakes you should avoid today

8 Brushing mistakes you should avoid today

8 brushing mistakes you should avoid today

Every individual is always advised either by their elders or by a dentist to brush at least twice a day. But none have taught the correct way of brushing or the adverse effects of improper brushing technique. Due to the lack of knowledge we end up in doing brushing mistakes. Certainly the mistakes while brushing that destroys your tooth surface should immediately be stopped and taken care of.


1. Use of brushes not more than 3 months-

Even if your bristles have not been damaged, you must still change to a new brush in every 3 months. This not only helps in obtaining good oral environment but also helps in prevention of diseases.


2. Correct brushing technique required

  • You should not brush vigorously in continuous horizontal or vertical direction. This way you might erode off some portion of enamel and gingival recession will be seen at a much younger age.
  • The ADA approved brushing technique for regular basis is the bristles should be placed at an angle of 45 degrees to the gum line and with sweeping motion the teeth is cleaned. Brushing is then done in small circular motion slowly. Small circles to large circles from anterior to posterior teeth and both the surfaces (labial and palatal) of teeth are cleaned.

3. Avoid brushing immediately after meals-

Brushing before going to bed at night are always advised. But if you brush immediately after having dinner then the acid reaction will destroy the tooth structures. In order to avoid this, wait at least 30 min. after food and then brush.

bedtime brushing

4. Do not skip brushing the palatal surface of anterior teeth-

People always find it difficult to clean dirt from the inner areas so, they skip brushing in those portions. If this habit will not be stopped then there will be calculus formation leading to poor periodontal condition and bad breath.

5. Stick to the time schedule-

Too much of brushing is bad for your teeth. Some people think that by brushing many times a day, they will obtain white teeth but actually it will negatively adverse their dental health.

Brushing should be slow and gentle and not more than 3 to 4 min. The frequency should also not increase more than twice a day.

6. Stop using hard bristled brushes-

Medium or soft bristle brushes are a good choice for teeth. The hard bristles chip off the tooth structure and sometimes due to its sharpness the gums might get injured and start bleeding.

7. Avoid keeping brush near toilet-

We should always cover our toothbrush and keep upright only after it is dried properly. It should be kept away from the toilet area because bacteria’s might accumulate on the brush that will cause bad breath. So, before putting the brush inside the mouth make sure to rinse it thoroughly.

8. Try to change the start point-

If you are starting to brush from a particular region always, then you must stop immediately. The teeth in that area will bear severe tooth loss if the process is continued. You must keep on changing the position of start point of brushing.

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