Difference between Oral health and General health

Difference between Oral health and General health

Difference between Oral health and General health

Oral health and general health are like the two sides of a coin. It is important to maintain a good and healthy body, so also it is essential to have a healthy mouth. As we all know, oral route is the easiest way through which any virus or bacteria can enter into our body. And also whenever any systemic disease occurs or starts in our body the first sign is seen in our mouth. This also helps in early diagnosis of the disease. Hence, oral health and general health should be taken good care as both are equally important and equally susceptible to diseases.

Oral Health-

Oral health is nothing but the condition of the gums, teeth, palate, tongue, buccal mucosa and lips. Maintaining a hygienic oral health is vital. One must visit a dentist for the regular check up of oral condition twice a year. A dentist can tell you the exact condition of your mouth, how much clean it is or how much prone to invite diseases. Your required treatments can be discussed and done thoroughly if you find the flaws at its inception. Mouth is considered as the window to several diseases for the rest of body parts. It provides signals about any changes in the immunity of body through oral lesions.

General Health-

General health is the overall condition of the rest of the body parts except the mouth. It previously included the oral health but with the advancement of science and emergence of various oral diseases, the oral health is considered now days as a completely separate entity. Like regular dental check up, one must go for general body check up which includes blood tests, measuring BMI (body mass index), etc. Visiting a doctor in regular intervals helps prevent from many diseases. And there will also be a check  if at all any disorder is found in early onset.

Oral manifestation of different systemic diseases include-

  • White spots in mouth are the initial signs of HIV infection.
  • Gums problems in diabetic patients.
  • Inflammation of gum associated with pregnancy.
  • Dry mouth in case of Sjogren’s syndrome is also a common manifestation.

Oral diseases that has systemic influence-

  • Improper maintenance of oral condition is associated with endocarditis, clogged arteries and other heart related diseases. It is also associated with premature birth of a child. Though these cannot be claimed for sure but taking good care of oral hygiene and preventing this is no harm.

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