How can you straighten overlapping teeth?

How can you straighten overlapping teeth?

How can you straighten overlapping teeth?

Happiness is meant to be expressed through a smile. And anything that deprives you from hiding your teeth should be corrected without looking into the expense. People with any kind of teeth problems that looks unappealing need not get stressed anymore as you can now straighten overlapping teeth. You can also have a good smile and can flaunt yourself rather than envying those born with the perfect set of teeth.

Any sort of overlapping in either the lower or upper teeth can be corrected by orthodontic treatment. Though it takes a bit of time but the output that is your changed smile will change your personality.

Overlapping of teeth can be seen due to various reasons-

  • Caused due to the hereditary factor.
  • Seen due to thumb sucking or any such habit.
  • Sometimes the tooth does not erupt at the right age and the adjacent tooth has the tendency to move to the empty space. And with the eruption of the particular tooth, overlapping is seen.

Correction of overlapped teeth-

Braces can be put on all the teeth for not only the correction of overlapping but other minor corrections in other teeth as well. Mainly severely overlapped teeth are recommended for full mouth braces. You also get a chance to choose braces according to your own affordability and requirements.

How can you straighten overlapping teeth

Minor overlapping of teeth can be corrected with a removable retainer like Hawley’s. The basic advantage of these removable retainers is you can remove it whenever you want.


This is also a kind of invisible retainer used to correct slight overlapping of teeth. These are almost negligible in visibility and so can be worn in mouth throughout the day.


If you do not want either of the above treatments to be done because they consume time, then veneers are the best on that regard. You get instant correction of teeth within hours. But major overlapping corrections cannot be done through this procedure.


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