Extraction vs. Root Canal Treatment - The difference between them

Extraction vs. Root Canal Treatment – The difference between them

.Extraction vs. Root Canal Treatment - The difference between them

Before getting into Root canal vs extraction, it is important to learn what root canal treatment and extraction is all about. Root canal treatment and extraction are completely two different procedures. A patient is always given a chance to choose from the two procedures. But in few cases this might not be possible as well.

Root canal treatment-

The procedure of the cleaning the infected root canal that contains the pulp and preserving the entire or some portion of the tooth structure for normal mastication of food is called as root canal treatment or in short RCT.

Previously root canal treatment was a tedious procedure. Especially for the patients as they had to spend lot of money for numerous appointments, at least for a minimum of 3 appointments. But, with time and advancement in dentistry, almost every dentist today practice single sitting RCT. This saves the time of the patient as well as the dentist.


Complete removal of the entire tooth structure (including the crown and root) without causing harm to the adjacent structures is known as extraction. Extraction might be a messy and painful procedure if not done properly.

Extraction is not the treatment of choice these days unless essentially required. Because you can save a root stump by doing post and core.

Root canal Vs. Extraction –

root canal vs extraction


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