Types of dental braces

Types of dental braces and things to know

Types of dental braces

Many people have been gifted with proper aligned teeth whereas others have crooked teeth. It is due to the advancement in dentistry that people are getting options to choose from different types of braces to correct their teeth. So, even if you have clumsy or spaced dentition that lowers your self confidence then, orthodontic treatment is the best solution for your problem.

Traditional brackets –

From the various types of braces available, these are the metal braces that are aesthetically unpleasant yet the cheapest. The most precised tooth movement can be done with this type of braces. The metal used here is nothing but stainless steel. The brackets are held together with an arch wire and the arch wire is held with the bracket with either ligature wires or modules (o rings). These rings come in fascinating colors and helps kids express their own style. These are changed frequently that is at every appointment with the dentist monthly. The metal braces are usually advised for children because of the durability and as these do not debond easily.

traditional braces

Self ligating braces –

This is a new variety of braces that come in pre fabricated form where the brackets and the arch wires are already fixed, so there is no requirement of modules. The advantage of this type is less appointments.

self ligating braces

Tooth colored brackets –

Usually preferred by adults, although it is the most esthetic types of braces for any age group. The ceramic bracket matches entirely with the tooth color. The procedure of placement of brackets and changing of o- rings is similar to that of the metal braces. So, the difference is only the money and esthetics. This doesn’t look ugly on teeth and is expensive than the metal braces.

ceramic braces


Lingual braces –

Movement of teeth for correction is done by placing the brackets on the lingual or inner surface of the teeth. The basic disadvantage is poor visibility of the area so, requires much patience and skillful work. Purely for those with excellent oral hygiene.

Lingual braces

Invisalign –

These are not opted for serious dental issues or malocclusion. Basically a retainer that is a plastic kind of material and acts as a mouth guard. It is very expensive as they are almost invisible aligners so the name given is invisalign.


Putting on braces is an easy task for a dentist, but maintaining the brackets in place and oral hygiene is the most important thing for a patient.

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