Wernet's denture adhesive

Wernet’s Denture fixative powder review

Wernet's denture adhesive


Wernet’s is a powder denture adhesive which dentist’s have been recommending for over 25 years.  A little powder holds your plate for long hours. It is a very effective adhesive when it comes to the powder form. The Wernet’s denture powder allows the denture to hold in place for longer due to its unique list of ingredients.

Ingredients of the Wernet’s fixative powder –

It contains

  • Di-calcium Phosphate
  • Cellulose gum
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • PEG – 90M
  • Aroma

ultra wernets denture adhesive



It is a combination of two adhesive ingredients one that keeps the denture intact and the other that acts like a cushion to keep the denture more comfortably and safely. Wernet’s adhesive powder provides the control and comfort on the denture at the same time. It boosts one’s self confidence by allowing the person to perform all activities with ease and that too without the stress of having worn a denture. It would not be wrong if we say it is  a true friend of the denture wearer.

The formulation of the fixative powder also helps in keeping away the irritating food debris from entering under your denture. Forms a tight grip with the underlying tissues.

How to apply the Denture Powder?

  1. Clean the denture thoroughly with water and leave it moist.
  2. Sprinkle the powder in light hands so that the adhesive is dispersed evenly on the denture surface that comes in contact with ridges.
  3. Shake the denture thoroughly so that any excess powder will fall out.
  4. Place it on the ridge, press it and hold for few seconds so that the grip is secured.

How to remove the fixative powder from denture?

  1. Fill water in the mouth.
  2. Using rocking motion, slowly to remove the denture.
  3. With the help of a soft tissue cloth, wipe off the residue from the denture.
  4. Use cleansing tablets to cleanse the denture and rinse with water thoroughly to maintain hygiene.

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