Why baby teeth matters?

Why baby teeth matters?

Why baby teeth matters?

The primary teeth start its bud formation from the mother’s womb itself but the complete crown and root formation takes time. Baby teeth are the milk teeth or temporary teeth that erupt in the baby’s mouth from 6 months till 2 to 3 yrs. of age and start shedding off from 6yrs of age. The time period of eruption shed off might slightly from individual to individual. Though these teeth go away but the temporary teeth should be taken care of because –

 1. These help in the chewing process –

Allows the baby to inculcate the habit of chewing and then swallowing the food. This indirectly helps in the baby’s nutrition and growth   physically as well as mentally.

 2. Increases speaking power –

The presence of milk teeth helps the baby to learn speaking words clearly and then slowly the sentences.

 3.Holds place for the permanent dentition –

While the primary teeth are seen in the gums but there is formation of permanent teeth below these teeth in the gums. After the exfoliation of temporary teeth, secondary teeth comes up in their place and this starts at the age of 6yrs. the more the spacing seen in the milk teeth, the less is the crowding in permanent teeth.

4. Enhances smile –

Teeth helps in expressing your feelings through a smile. This boosts your confidence too. So, the primary teeth set the smile for the entire life. The baby teeth are prone to caries as much as the adult teeth. In order to prevent this and for a healthy smile, proper oral hygiene has to be maintained for the babies.

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5. Helps concentrate on studies –

Healthy teeth protects your child from dental pain and thus concentrate carefully on studies or other activities.


The baby teeth are the predecessor of the permanent teeth. So, the way it is maintained will be reflected up later in the permanent dentition. If the milk teeth are carious because of poor oral cavity, then the same will continue for the later erupting teeth. Therefore, it is the parent who should see into all these things for a future healthy mouth.

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