Options to replace a lost tooth

Options to replace a lost tooth

Options to replace a lost tooth

Everybody knows that a permanent tooth once removed does not erupt again and the strength it possesses is unmatched with the artificial tooth. So we should try to preserve the natural tooth by taking care of the oral cavity. Once the space becomes empty after extraction, the gap has to be closed by tooth replacement either with an artificial tooth or bridge. Otherwise the adjacent teeth will move to the space thereby causing tilting of teeth and supra eruption of tooth from the opposite arch is also seen. Modern day dentistry has come up with many options that can be chosen from for tooth replacement.

Removable partial denture-

This is a removable prosthesis and is the cheapest of all the options. A single tooth is replaced with an acrylic one and has to be taken out of teeth during night. The next morning it is supposed to be cleaned and fitted in the mouth again.

partial denture

Dental Bridge-

As the name suggests it creates a bridge with the help of two adjacent teeth to the missing space. It is a fixed prosthesis where crown cutting is done of both the adjacent teeth and an impression is taken thereafter. Then a 3 unit or according to the no. Of missing teeth, bridge is prepared and cemented on that area. It cannot be removed by a patient. The crown can be made of different material like metal, PFM (porcelain fused metal), all ceramic or zirconia. The metal crown being the cheapest and zirconia being the most expensive among all.


Dental Implant

the most expensive option of all. It requires many tests and a surgical procedure to insert the screw on the empty space on which a crown is placed. Implants also help in reducing bone loss as well. Multiple teeth or full mouth denture can be placed as an over-denture with the support of implants.

dental implant

Ultimately, it is the patient’s decision to choose from the above options keeping in minds the consequences, finance, etc. You can consult your dental specialist who will help in giving you the best opinion according to your concern.

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