Role of a Dental hygienist

Role of a Dental hygienist

Role of a Dental hygienist

The essential component for physical heath and normal well being is oral health. Oral diseases range widely from small cavities to gum diseases. And even more infectious chronic conditions if left untreated at the right time. It leads to several problems in your life like remaining absent from work or school, excruciating pain in tooth, nutritional problems, loss of teeth, lack of confidence and many more things. To a greater relief, dental diseases can now be treated. Furthermore cavities can be prevented by regular oral prophylaxis, awareness of dental care, fluoride and sealant applications.

roles of a dental hygienist

Who is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist and a dentist are two different professionals. For oral health care becoming a challenge, role of dental hygienists is coming into play. Dental hygienists are being deployed by the government in the remote and vulnerable areas to make people aware of dental diseases, their consequences and its treatment. They can only do oral prophylaxis that is removal of deposits from teeth and perform preventive measures for caries such as fluoride and sealant application on teeth.

Dental hygienists are a part of the dental team whose role is basically in the preventive part. They help a dentist by lowering their workload of patients. They help in giving preventive measures to the patient. A Hygienist motivates people with problems to undergo treatment. They demonstrate patients about the after care of treatment. A dental hygienist also teaches at home to prevent further problems of teeth. Hygienists also take x-rays and perform teeth whitening under the prescription of a dentist.

Dental Hygienist training –

Hygienists have a separate course curriculum and undergo training to learn things under the dental team. A dental hygienist has register himself under the dental council after completion of the course. A hygienist can then work independently or in collaboration with a dentist.

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