Tooth extraction- Important things to note

Tooth extraction- Important things to note

Tooth extraction- Important things to note

Tooth extraction is done only when a tooth is severely infected and no other solution can cure it. Only in those situations where root canal treatment cannot be done, your dentist recommends you to go for extraction and after healing of the area an implant, denture or prosthesis is placed.

tooth extraction

There are several steps to undergo during an extraction of an infected tooth-


If you have an abscess or pus draining out and the tooth is infected severely with caries then antibiotics is prescribed by the dentist for 3 to 5 days. And extraction is done during this course of time to prevent further infection and pain.

Local anesthesia-

Anesthesia is given locally for extracting a particular tooth where only the tooth to be extracted and its surrounding tissues become numb. This makes the whole procedure of exodontia painless. Unlike general anesthesia, the patient remains conscious of what is being done with him but cannot feel the pain. Different blocks are given for different tooth.


Different dentist follow their own rule of extraction. So, basically the technique varies from dentist to dentist but the instruments used are  the same. Various forceps are used to remove for different teeth. The decayed portions including every bit of the tooth is removed properly.

Aftercare instructions with medicines-

  • Intake of medicines at the right time and proper dosage to be strictly followed as prescribed by your oral surgeon.
  • It is usually advised not to spit out blood for at least 24 hours as it may hamper clot formation.
  • The patient has to bite the saline soaked cotton gauge pad and remove if required.
  • Patient will have to compromise in diet for few days. Liquid and soft diet is advised like soup, milk, etc. Till the healing starts and thereby slowly getting into proper food.
  • Compression of Ice packs on the outer surface of the cheek intermittently will help reduce external swelling.
  • After 24 hours of extraction, the patient must go for warm saline gargle 3 to 4 times daily to avoid further spread of infections.
  • You should not eat anything in sucking motion or do not try to suck in hard with a straw this might dislodge the clot and cause dry socket (exposure of bone with severe referred pain in ear).
  • If bleeding doesn’t stop or pain doesn’t subside, then you must consult your dentist immediately.

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