What are Canker sores and how can you eliminate them

What are Canker sores and how can you eliminate them?

What are Canker sores and how can you eliminate them

Canker sore or otherwise called apthous ulcers are the most commonly seen ulcers in the mouth. They are most commonly seen within the age group of 10 to 20 yrs but can also been with the elderly people. It is often mistaken with the fever blisters or the cold ulcers. But the two are completely different as cold ulcers are seen around the mouth region whereas canker sores occur inside the mouth. These are small, round shaped, shallow white or gray colored ulcers seen in the buccal mucosa (inside of the cheek), tongue or soft palate (posterior portion of mouth) and doesn’t contain pus. Usually classified as 2 types- simple and complex.

Causes –

  • Although there is no particular cause of canker sore found yet. But stress or injury of issues is considered to be predisposing factor.
  • Ill fitting dentures, braces or sharp surface of a tooth causes ulcer.
  • It is also seen that it is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin b12, iron, zinc, etc.
  • Poor nutrition and gastro intestinal problems also might cause canker sores.

canker sore

Signs and symptoms

  • Might be painful and cause little difficulty in eating.
  • It starts with a burning sensation in that area and then a white sore is seen with red edges.
  • Usually occurs in the inner portion of cheek and around the tongue.

Treatment –

  • Treatment for canker sore is usually not required as the ulcer regresses of its own.
  • But if it doesn’t get cured even after 3 weeks or more and one experiences severe pain, high fever, enlargement and spreading of the ulcer, difficulty in swallowing, then he must consult a dentist as soon as possible.
  • Discomfort due to pain can be reduced by gargling with Luke warm water and salt or by applying topical agents prescribed by your dentist.

Prevention –

As there is no particular regimen for canker sore and they recur quite often, so the frequency can only be reduced by decreasing the consumption of citric acid fruits or foods that cause more irritation. Soft bristles should be used for brushing and floss should be used daily. Most importantly stress should be reduced by doing meditation or deep breath techniques.

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