How many teeth do adults and kids have_

How many teeth do adults and kids have? Have you ever wondered?

It is most likely that you stumbled across this thought of how many teeth you have, right? It is not technically a very appalling question, given the fact that the majority of the population across the world is often confused about the same. All that being said, it definitely does go without saying that it is beneficial to have a clear idea about how many teeth do adults have and also the same for the children too.

If you wish to find the answer to the same, scroll up and get a better and extensive knowledge about the same.

How many teeth do adults have?                

Kicking off the discussion with how many teeth do adults have? Normally, the majority of the adults do technically start off with 32 teeth. The same includes 4 cuspids, 8 incisors, 8 bicuspids and finally, 12 molars which also includes the 4 wisdom teeth that we get at a later stage in life.

If you are confused with the terminologies, cuspids are the canines while the bicuspids are the pre-molars as we generally call them as. For the most part, everyone has all these teeth by the age of 17 but the last four molars or the wisdom teeth are often witnessed between the age of 17-21. Additionally, in some people, the wisdom teeth come to a further later stage in life.

People tend to get their wisdom teeth removed to prevent overcrowding as well as discomfort which is inflicted by the same. In short, a healthy adult tends to have 28 teeth, if they have a delayed growth of the wisdom teeth or get the same removed for good.


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How many teeth do children have?

Coming in to discuss the prospects of teeth that are found and witnessed in the children and how many teeth do kids have, the scenario is a little bit different. Technically, kids tend to have 20 teeth once they have all grown, including 10 teeth on the upper side and the rest of the 10 in the bottom.

The process of teething in children can technically start as early as 3 months or even take up to a year’s time, depending on the growth and the development of the child.

In infants, it is witnessed that two teeth in the bottom followed by two teeth in the top come first. These are what we know as the milk teeth or the deciduous teeth.

The whole set of 20 teeth tend to come along by the age of 2-3 years in the kid. Children then start losing the milk teeth by the age of 6 which is then replaced by the permanent teeth. We hope you now know how many teeth kids have.

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How many teeth do we need?

Coming on to the most important prospect of discussion – how many teeth do we actually need?

Teeth are technically subject to decay on a regular basis owing to the food and such that it is exposed to. All that being said, if you technically want to know how many teeth we actually need, it comes down to the kind of food one typically eats.

Canines are predominantly very important in people preferring more non-vegetarian dishes. Alternatively, the pre-molars and molars are quite helpful in crushing the food for better digestion.

With all such information aside, we hope you now have a better and much more clarified idea when it comes to our teeth and the most important prospect about oral health.

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