What to expect when getting braces?

What to expect when getting braces?

What to expect when getting braces?

After making up the mind to go for orthodontic treatment, impressions of both the jaws are taken and a model cast is made. Appointment is scheduled and various things that are essential for a patient to know before getting braces are discussed. The treatment plan is made clear with the patient. If there is requirement of extraction prior to or during the treatment is also told to the patient clearly. The patient then prepares himself for the treatment and visits dentist on the next scheduled appointment.

Scaling or cleaning the teeth-

The dentist before starting any procedure of orthodontic treatment first cleans the teeth of the patient with a scaler. This will ensure that there is no plaque, calculus and stains on teeth. This cleaning of teeth will help in proper adherence of the brackets on teeth and visible results will be seen soon. A proper mouth wash prior to any appointment with a dentist is usually good.  It will help you get away from those embarrassing situations of awful smell.


Types of  dental braces-

The dentist will tell you the best brackets that are suitable for your case, considering the requirement, duration and cause of treatment. Basically, there are three varieties- one that is of stainless steel which is the most durable one, the second is the tooth colored or ceramic braces that is the best for aesthetic purpose and the last is the braces that put on the inner portion (lingual orthodontic treatment) of the teeth. The later being recently tested and will take a little time to gain popularity as it is expensive and also because major serious corrections might not be done with it. Although, research is still going on improvise the treatment procedures.

types of braces

Placement of separators-

These are done to create a minor space between the first molars and the premolars so that there is enough space for the insertion of molar bands for anchorage. The separators are usually placed only in stainless steel bracket treatment. These are usually blue colored bands or ligature wires. If it becomes difficult for the separators to insert then, customized molar bands are used rather than Pre fabricated molar bands.

separators for braces

Brackets placement-

The brackets are placed in a position of the tooth for the desired movement.With ni-ti (nickel titanium) or SS (stainless steel wires), teeth correction is done. The modules that keep the wire intact with the bracket can be chosen from various colors. Adults can go for the transparent modules while children choose the funky colors of modules.

This procedure is a bit painful. So, you can go for over the counter pain killers if it is extremely unbearable. And if the pain does not subside even after taking medicine, then you must consult your dentist. It is usually advised to go for soft food for at least the first 15 days of treatment.

bracket placement

Taking care of teeth during treatment-

Never ever miss to brush your teeth or rinse after every meal. Make sure clean the inter dental areas properly with the orthodontic toothbrush. Mouth wash is a must during the course of treatment.

braces flossing    interdental toothbrush

How do you do a perfect mouthwash?

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