Best Denture Adhesive 2021

There are many denture adhesives in different forms, texture, consistency and quantity present for the denture wearers to avail them. It is quite difficult to choose the best one because they all have their unique properties. Choosing the best denture adhesive is absolutely one’s personal choice. But, before getting into the best denture adhesives, it is important to discuss what exactly is a Denture Adhesive and several other things related to it.

Ezo Denture Adhesive
Type : Cushion
No Odor and Taste
Vacuum grip formula
Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive
Type : Cream
Zinc Free formula
Bond strength is very good
Secure Denture Adhesive
Type : Cream
Bond strength : lasts upto 12hours
Waterproof and zinc free
Sea Bond Denture Adhesive
Type : Wafers/Strips
Bond Strength - holds all day long
Does not ooze.
Effergrip Denture Adhesive
Type : Cream
ADA(American Dental Association) accepted
Zinc free formula
Wernet Denture Adhesive
Type : Powder
Seals out food particles
Bond Strength is high
Fixodent Denture adhesive
Type: Cream
Bond strength : lasts upto 24 hrs
Available in many variants.
Klutch Denture Powder
Type : Powder
Made of natural ingredients
No zinc, mercury or other metals

What is a Denture Adhesive – its use and function?

Let us elaborate the term “Denture Adhesive”. Denture- meaning a frame that holds either one or many artificial teeth. If one tooth is replaced then, it is a partial denture. If all the teeth are replaced then, it is  a case of complete denture. In order to continue with the usual functioning of teeth even after they are lost, dentures are placed. Dentures also come in removable and fixed forms. An adhesive is required only in the removable dentures and only if there are denture stability issues.

Adhesive- meaning a substance that is used to fix or stick materials or objects together. Now the question in mind is where will the Adhesive stick the Denture? The answer to it is, the denture is worn on the tissues or ridges (upper and lower) in mouth and the adhesive is used in between the denture and the tissues.

Denture Adhesives are water soluble, non- toxic materials which is applied between the denture and the ridges or tissues. These come in the form of glue, cream, powder, etc for better grip on the denture so as to provide normal physiological functions of the teeth. Adhesives prevent the denture to fall out of the mouth during eating, speaking, laughing, sneezing or coughing.

Denture stays on the tissues due to the adherent property of saliva. Saliva plays a major role in patients with partial or complete denture. It is difficult for patients to wear dentures having Xerostomia ( dry mouth). Denture adhesive is prescribed only if there is any fit issues or any abnormality caused due to saliva.

best denture adhesive

8  Best Denture Adhesives 2019 –


1. Fixodent Denture Adhesive

One of the best selling and highest reviewed denture adhesive. It comes in the form of powder as well as denture cream. It is available in different varieties and quantities. Some of them are Fixodent original, Fixodent plus, Fixodent Extra hold denture adhesive powder, Fixodent Ultra Max hold, Fixodent Free denture adhesive cream, Fixodent plus Superior hold, Fixodent plus true feel, Fixodent Complete, Fixodent Neutral  (no zinc). The best denture adhesive for partials and complete is the Fixodent Original. And for patients who are allergic to zinc, should go for Fixodent Neutral.

fixodent fresh

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2. Poligrip Adhesive

This denture adhesive is also one of the leading brands and is readily seen online. The brand is known worldwide for its various products. Available in the form of denture strips as well. Poligrip adhesive never use zinc in their composition so, can be used by all. The price of each Poligrip product price varies according to the quantity. The adhesive has very good reviews. It has many flavors as well for people to feel good with their dentures.


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3. Secure Denture Adhesive

It comes as strips and cream adhesives. It is said as the high quality and strongest denture adhesive. Most trusted brand by all the denture wearers and dentists. It is basically a waterproof denture adhesive. The zinc free adhesive comes as Secure sensitive denture adhesive for patients having sensitive tissues or gums. The key ingredient is Aloe Vera which is a soothing agent and prevents any sort of sensitivity.


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4. Sea bond  denture seal

Sea bond can be seen in paste and wafers. Although the sea bond cream adhesive might be difficult to find because of its unpopularity whereas the sea bond seal is very much popular among the denture wearers. The best denture adhesive for partials is the sea bond seal or strips. The wafers when comes in contact with water or saliva swells up so, as to adapt itself with the denture. The seal does not comes out easily and allows the patient to wear the denture for  a longer period of time.


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seabond sensitive

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5. Effergrip Adhesive Cream

It comes only as the denture cream adhesive. The sales are not much unlike other brands. It has come out with zinc free formula keeping in mind the safety concerns of the denture wearers. It is the least reviewed product but I have kept it in this best denture adhesive list as it is a high quality paste. The quality is the only factor which keeps the adhesive a bit known among people.


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6. Wernet Denture Adhesive

Wernet is a fixative powder. This powder has the power to hold the denture for the whole day. The grip of the denture to the gums is so good that it does not allow any food particles to enter.

ultra wernets denture adhesive

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7. Ezo denture cushions adhesive

Ezo are the denture strips which they term as “cushions”. These cushions are very famous denture adhesives. It has got incredible reviews and sells out good. The cushion adhesive holds the denture firmly on the ridges for a longer time without causing any discomfort. The ease of application and removal also makes the adhesive quite popular with the patients with dentures. Absolutely no messy application. It becomes easy to even clean the denture as the cushion gets removed as a whole.

Ezo Cushion Adhesive

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8. Klutch denture powder

Klutch is a denture adhesive powder. The properties are the same like other adhesive powders. It comes in different sizes and has no odor or taste. The grip of the powder is good but it stays for longer if the adhesive is re applied. It is one among the most sold denture adhesive powders.

klutch adhesive powder

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Why is Denture Adhesive required?

Not all patients with denture require a denture adhesive. If the denture fits in properly and does not spill out then saliva helps in keeping the denture in place. But if the denture is ill fitting or comes out while talking and eating, then saliva cannot just help. All you need in that case is a denture adhesive. The composition of the adhesive helps in keeping the denture in contact with the tissues.

Minute issues during fabrication of the denture may cause slight alteration in stability of the complete or partial denture. This slight modification can be done with the denture adhesives.

It is very important to look confident when you speak in public. A slight irregular denture can ruin your self confidence if it comes out while speaking, chewing or laughing. To avoid such instances in life, adhesives are recommended. Adhesives add to the retention and stability of the denture thereby increasing the patient’s comfort and confidence.

Denture adhesive not only presents a better person socially but also prevents you from many diseases. An ill fitting denture will have gaps in between the tissues and denture surface. This place is well suited for accumulation of the food debris. The remnants over time accumulate and cause infection. Even if the denture is too tight, it might cause ulcers in mouth. So, it is essential to have a perfect fit denture and an adhesive helps achieve that.

Patients who have allergy or if it causes any sort of irritation in the mouth then one should remove the denture immediately from the mouth. Patient having open cuts already should also not use adhesives. People allergic to zinc should make sure to use zinc free adhesives.

The best  Denture Adhesive should fulfill the following requirements.

  • Be soluble in water, non-irritant to the tissues in mouth and non-toxic to the body.
  • It should be available in the form of powder, cream and strips.
  • Should be easy to apply, clean and remove.
  • Have either neutral or pleasant odor and taste.
  • Prevent microbial growth in the denture.
  • Maintain adhesiveness for 12 hours at least.
  • Should be able to increase the retention, stability and comfort of the denture.

How is denture adhesive applied?

  • The mouth is rinsed properly to get rid of any food particles.
  • Make sure that the denture is clean before inserting in the mouth.
  • The denture is made wet so that the adherence property of the adhesive increases.
  • Small amount of the powder, cream or strip adhesive is put on the tissue bearing surface of the denture.
  • The denture is then supposed to be placed on the tissue firmly for 5 to 10seconds with light hand pressure.
  • For the adhesive to be uniformly spread within the denture, the patient is made to close mouth in centric occlusion for several times.
  • If there is any excess that comes out from the sides of the denture, it is wiped off with a gauge.

cream adhesive applicatonApplication of cream denture adhesive
powder adhesive application Application of powder adhesive
wafer adhesive applicationApplying denture adhesive in wafer form

Types of Denture Adhesive available –

Adhesives are available as glue, cream, powder and strips. All these forms serve the same purpose but in different ways. They are different from each other only in price and texture. One can choose according to their personal preferences of comfort and budget.

Powder Adhesive –

These are powders that is sprinkled under the denture facing the tissues. Powder adhesives work only with wet dentures and the bond between adhesive and denture is not that strong like cream adhesive. It is easy to use and clean the denture. There is no oozing issues with such adhesives. Example- Fixodent, Poligrip adhesive powder, Klutch denture powder and Wernets fixative powder.

poligrip powder adhesive

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Cream or Paste Adhesive  –

These are present in the form of sticky substance with a thick consistency available in tubes. The cream adhesive are also the glue for dentures. It can be applied easily on the denture with just a slight pressure on the tube. The bond between the denture and adhesive is very strong. The only disadvantage is, if the right amount is not applied then the paste might ooze out of the denture. So, it is wise to take clean gauge and wipe off if any excess. Examples of some of the best denture creams are – Poligrip zinc free, Poligrip extra strength, Fixodent denture cream, Seabond paste, Corega denture cream, Secure dental cream, Pros-aide adhesive, Effergrip denture adhesive and Polident adhesive cream.

polident adhesive

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Strip Denture Adhesive –

These are otherwise called as wafers or cushions and are by far the most easiest mode of applying an adhesive. The strips or wafers are cut and applied onto the denture before placing it in the mouth. There is absolutely no issue of oozing out and all so, is not at all messy. The only cons with this adhesive is that is a bit too pricey. Examples are- Poligrip strips, Sea bond denture seals, Secure comfort strips, Ezo cushions and Y-Kelin denture pads.

y kelin adhesive

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Tips for taking care of dentures –

The matter is not solved even if you apply the denture adhesive properly to keep the denture in place. It is equally important to keep the denture in good condition so that the adhesive sticks to the denture properly for best results.

  • Denture should be cleaned every day before placing it in the mouth. It should be cleansed thoroughly like the natural teeth.
  • The denture should be removed from mouth while sleeping.
  • A denture should always be kept free from any sort of debris or food residue. It should be washed immediately after eating to avoid any accumulation.
  • Dentures should be kept in water after it is out from mouth else, it might not fit the next day.
  • Denture should be wet during the application of any type of denture adhesive else, the denture might fall out.
  • Not only the denture, but after its removal the mouth should be cleansed properly. Maintaining a good oral environment is very much important for denture wearers.
  • The better the denture is taken care of, the more days it will last.
  • Denture should not have any sharp surface otherwise it might hurt the soft tissue and ultimately cause ulcers making it difficult to wear the denture.
  • If any such thing is faced or if the denture is too tight or too loose, it is advised to see a dentist as soon as possible.

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