poligrip denture adhesive

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive Review

poligrip denture adhesive


Super Poligrip is a very common and well known brand used by the patients having dentures. It is one of the best and recommended denture adhesive by dentists worldwide. The effect of the adhesive lasts for a longer time which is why it is very popular. Due to its immense popularity, the manufacturers have come up with various forms like powder and strip adhesive for the ease of patients. Super Poligrip denture adhesive review is by far the best.

poligrip denture cream




Review of  Super Poligrip denture adhesive cream –

By far it is the only cream adhesive that does not contain zinc in its composition. It has no zinc in none of its variants. People who might be skeptical to use denture adhesives as they contain zinc should blindly start using Super Poligrip.

The denture cream makes an airtight contact with the denture and creates a seal from food particles to get trapped. This indirectly helps you maintain good oral and physical health as ill fitting dentures always impair health.

The adhesive firmly keeps the denture intact for 12 hours. This again might vary from individuals according to the procedure and amount of adhesive used, consumption of food and beverages and the presence of saliva in the mouth. All these factors change the duration of the holding capacity of a denture adhesive. The adhesive cream claims not to be used more than once a day because of its capability to adhere the denture all day long.

Easily available everywhere and online. Absolutely hassle free purchasing experience because of its readily available stock.

The quantity of the standard tube is again 2.4 ounce which would last for good 2 months. The price varies according to the packs.

The packaging of the tube is very normal but the added advantage is the ultra thin tip of the tube which helps in the adhesive to be put in a precise manner. This further prevents overflowing of the material from the denture.

Other variants of the Super Poligrip adhesive are –

  •  Super Poligrip Ultra fresh –

Helps in keeping the mouth fresh due the flavor of mint in it. This adhesive can be useful for people who have bad breath issues. The Ultra fresh dental adhesive not helps in sticking the denture but also provides freshness to your mouth.

poligrip fresh



  • Poligrip Extra care –

This adhesive helps in sealing the denture while taking proper care of gums from irritation or inflammation. Some dentures might cause irritation to the tissues. The extra care denture adhesive helps prevent the discomfort caused due to dentures.

poligrip extra care



  • Super Poligrip Free –

The denture cream does not contain any extra flavors or colors. Those who are allergic to certain flavors must go for this particular denture adhesive. It is free from zinc as well.

poligrip free



  • Poligrip for Partials –

This adhesive specifically meant for partial dentures. In fact this is the best denture adhesive for partials.

poligrip denture cream



Review of Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive powder –

Excluding the fact that it is of powder consistency, everything else including the composition is similar to that of the denture cream. The Powder adhesive is also zinc free.  The net weight is about 1.4 oz which is equal to 45 g. Also available online at an affordable price.

The advantage of powder over cream adhesive is that after the removal of denture from mouth, there will no issues of cleaning the denture. The one with powder adhesive are very easy to clean but in case of cream adhesive there might be some stain issues.

poligrip powder


Super Poligrip denture adhesive strips review

  • Stays and makes the denture spill free all day.
  • Devoid of the formulation of zinc content.
  • Comes in prefabricated and pre-cut strips with exactly the right amount of adhesive required. Hence no messy application.
  • Comes in a packet of 40 adhesive strips.
  • There are no artificial colors or flavors in it.
  • Seals the denture just the way the powder and cream Poligrip adhesives do.

poligrip strips

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