How to dissolve denture adhesive?

How to dissolve denture adhesive?

Dentures are a must have a thing for people who have lost several of their teeth from an
accident or due to old age. It is a full-on maintenance task where they have to take care
of their oral health and also the health of the set of dentures.

This includes brushing the dentures every day so that the germs and dirt on them cannot enter the gums of the
person wearing them. Due to regular usage of the dentures, it may become loose at
places. As it is important to keep the dentures well-fitted, a substance called denture
adhesive is applied to it. So, let us know a bit more about it.

How to dissolve denture adhesive?
What is a denture adhesive?

The word adhesive is used for anything that is able to stick two or more things with
each other. We use adhesives to stick papers to make crafts. Just like that the denture
adhesive is used for sticking the set of dentures to the gums of the user. They come in
forms of paste, powder and adhesive pads. The adhesive needs to be applied on that
surface of the dentures that touch the soft tissues. It is important to use the
recommended amount of adhesive and nothing more than that.

How to remove denture adhesive?

When you are applying an adhesive you will also need to think about getting the thing
off after the job is over. So, one also needs to remove their dentures at night and provide
relief to the gums. Some steps need to be taken to remove the denture adhesive. They

• Firstly, you will need to make loosen up the adhesive so that you can take of the
dentures. The fastest way to do this is by swirling the comfortable hot water in your
mouth. This helps in breaking down the adhesive.

• Secondly, you have to apply a rocking motion to take off both the dentures. This will
be easier for the bottom denture compared to the top denture.

• Thirdly, take a clean washcloth and wipe the gum area after dipping it in hot water.
This will help in clearing off any remaining adhesive. You can also take a soft-bristled
toothbrush and a toothpaste to clean off the adhesive. This process also helps in
defeating any plaque build-up on the gums. This also helps in increasing the blood
circulation in the gums.

• Fourthly, thoroughly clean your set of dentures as you will put them in your mouth
the very next day. Use cleaners that are specifically made for dentures. This will help in
prolonging the life of your dentures.

The denture adhesive has helped many people who aren’t able to change their dentures
frequently. All they need to know is apply the adhesive on the dentures in the morning
and then take it out at night. But it is also important to have dentures that fit well as it
guards against infections and trauma from ill-fitting dentures. So, we hope that you have
got the correct idea of removing your dentures when you are using denture adhesives.

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