How to reline broken denture

How to reline broken denture?

Teeth frame the smile off our face which is a key thing for showing expression. So, no
one likes to have a gap tooth or several missing teeth. With age, people also start losing
their teeth and they require a pair of false teeth which is known as dentures.

These look like real teeth and they help a person have their food easily and makes their face appear
great. But their facial structure many changes and with time their dentures may end up
broken. It is important to get them fixed at the correct time to avoid any pain or

How to reline broken denture
Why do the dentures break?

When we first get the dentures we have a strange idea that they are invincible. But at
the end of the day, the dentures are made using a resin which isn’t as strong as our real
teeth. So, they are prone to breakage and there can be various reasons for it. A complete
breakage or crack may come from mishandling of the dentures. But small cracks may
also happen if the dentures do not fit well on the gums of the person. Sometimes
dentures will also have broken or missing tooth.

What is the relining process?

If a set of dentures doesn’t fit well for a person, it may cause damages to their gums as
well as the dentures. So, relining is a process in which new resins are added to those
surface of the dentures that will touch the soft tissues. This helps in adding a layer of
security to the set of dentures and it will also be comfortable for the person wearing
them. People cannot reline their dentures at home as they need to be done by
professionals. But for the time being, they may use denture adhesive which helps in
keeping the set of dentures in place.

How to use the denture adhesive?

The denture adhesive is the easiest way to wear your ill-fitting dentures before you get
new ones. These adhesives come in form of paste, powders, and pads. All of them have
to be applied on the surface of the dentures that touch the soft tissues. Then the
adhesive is able to attach the dentures to the gums. It is important to immediately place
the dentures in place after the adhesive has been applied to its surface. Also, clean up
the adhesive from the dentures before you go off to sleep.

Why are ill-fitting dentures not recommended?

One may think that the only tasks of a denture are to make a person look pretty and
have some food. But the later process is crucial as we need to apply pressure to eat our
food. An ill-fitting denture will hinder this process. If the set of dentures doesn’t fit well,
then food debris and foreign objects may reach the soft tissues affecting them and
causing infections.

So, if you are dealing with broken or ill-fitting dentures, then definitely visit the
laboratory to get them fixed. Always keep your dental health as good as possible as it is
a sensitive part of our body.

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