Secure Adhesive cream Review

Secure Adhesive cream Review

Secure Adhesive cream Review

Secure is a waterproof bonding cream. It is one of its kind that is zinc free which is a great attribute for the patients who are very much concerned of poisoning caused due to zinc. The role of zinc is played here by saliva.



Features of Secure dental adhesive that benefit denture wearers –

Clean Packaging –

The packet looks neat with the brand name read properly. Not very small not very big letters or even the packet that makes it easy to carry.

Zinc free –

The zinc free feature in an adhesive cream helps in prevention of health caused due to zinc poisoning.

Waterproof –

Not all cream adhesives are waterproof. But this special feature in this dental cream makes sure that the denture is not going to fall off even after eating food or drinking beverages. One can drink and eat food at least after 20 min so that the adhesive settles down.

Hassle free application –

The  waterproof Secure adhesive cream is applied once daily which is supposed to last for about 12 hours. For better results, Use the denture adhesive as recommended by the dentist.

Tasteless –

Recommended for people who do not like the taste of flavored adhesives. The secure denture adhesive does not alter the taste of food.

Bond –

The Secure adhesive cream bonds the Upper and the lower denture with the gums pretty well. This adhesive might not function at its best if there are receding gums.

secure maximum hold



Quantity –

The tube consists of 40 g that is 1.4 ounce and is priced accordingly.

Variants –

Secure sensitive, prevents slipping and sliding of the denture thereby prevents the dentures to get rubbed on the gums. The sensitive Secure adhesive cream contains a great combination of Aloe Vera and Myrrh. The presence of Aloe Vera provides cooling effect to the inflamed tissues preventing irritation of gums and ultimately ill fitting dentures.

secure sensitive



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