Sea bond Denture Adhesive Seal Review

Sea bond Denture Adhesive Seal Review

Sea bond Denture Adhesive Seal Review

Sea bond adhesives are the cushioned wafers that are fix the dentures in the jaw by fitting inside the dentures. Sea bond adhesive seal provides the confidence you needed as the seal guarantees to hold the artificial teeth all day in its place. The zinc free tag allows every adult to use the seal safely.

The wafers are easy to be placed in the dentures. All you need is just dampen the denture and you are good to go. Separate strips are available for upper and lower dentures because of the size issue. To keep seal intact, one must properly clean the denture. A clean denture hols the wafer firmly thereby giving a strong seal. These adhesives are easy to be removed from the tissue bearing surfaces of dentures and should be changed daily.




Why should one use Sea bond denture adhesive seal?

There are many criteria  that make these strip adhesive better than the rest of them. Some of the points are-

Easy Application –

All you need is a pair of scissors and a moistened denture. A very simple, effortless procedure to apply the adhesive. Just cut the wafer according to the denture, even better if it does not require to be cut and placed directly into the denture.

Easy fit and proper shape –

The proper shape of the wafers gives the exact fit required for the denture. It is always difficult to place adhesive in the upper denture as the adhesive might start to ooze while wearing the denture which is not seen in this case.

Assures self confidence –

Once you put the seal on the denture, you need not worry for the whole day and carry on with your work confidently. The sea bond adhesive simply makes you forget that you are wearing a denture, the seal is that strong. It does not cause any pain or discomfort to wear the denture.

No alteration of taste –

It is tasteless and so does not leave behind any bad taste in the mouth.

Easy Removal –

The Adhesive peels out as a whole unit, not at  all a messy business.

Other flavors –

If you are a mint lover or are facing bad breath issues then the mint flavored Sea bond adhesive is for you.

Cons –

All the good features makes it expensive. So, not everybody can use it.

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