Fixodent Denture Adhesive Review

Fixodent Denture Adhesive Review

Fixodent Denture Adhesive Review

Fixodent is a simple and fast solution for the dentures. It comes in simple tubes and bottles. Its simpler packaging and superior quality makes it stand out of all the denture adhesives. Fixodent denture adhesive cream and Fixodent adhesive powder are the two type of product that we will discuss about.

Fixodent adhesive cream –

Highly recommended denture adhesive by the dentists because of its superior quality and quick action. It is very strong and holds the denture all day long.

Features of Fixodent Denture adhesive cream –

Packaging – The packaging includes a simple tube with different colors printed on it. Every variant has different color of tube and package.

Quality and quantity – The quality of the cream adhesive is very good and till date there have been no reports of any sort of allergy to any patient. The tube contains a net weight of 2.4 oz or 68g of denture adhesive. A single tube if used properly and regularly will last for about 7 to 8 weeks.

Strength – Fixodent denture adhesive is a strong dental cream. It holds the denture in place for almost a day as claimed.

Pros –

  • Has a creamy texture so, sets well in the denture.
  • The seal formed is very strong and lasts long. Therefore prevents any displacement of the denture and entry of food debris.
  • Price is not very high so, is quite affordable.
  • It is easily available online, never goes out of stock.

Cons –

  • Available in selected countries only.
  • The composition of Fixodent denture adhesive has zinc in it.

Other variants of Fixodent adhesive cream –

  • Fixodent original
  • Fixodent Extra hold denture adhesive powder
  • Fixodent Ultra Max hold
  • Fixodent Free denture adhesive cream
  • Fixodent plus Superior hold
  • Fixodent plus true feel
  • Fixodent Complete
  • Fixodent Neutral
  • Fixodent Plus Gum Care
  • Fixodent fresh

Fixodent Original –

The cream has normal composition and comes in another mint flavor. the tip is not precise and no extra care of gums.

fixodent original



Fixodent Extra hold denture adhesive powder –

This Fixodent adhesive is in the powder form. A slight variation in the composition that makes the denture hold for extra time. Powder is easy to apply and leaves no stains on the denture after removal. So, it becomes easy to clean the denture.


Fixodent Ultra Max hold –

This adhesive cream is even more better than the rest. It gives the denture a tight grip and so prevents any sort of infection caused due to food accumulation.

fixodent ultra



Fixodent Free denture adhesive cream –

This particular adhesive free from all sort of artificial flavoring and coloring agents. Can be used by people who do not like flavors in adhesives.

fixodent free



Fixodent plus Superior hold plus Scope flavor –

This denture cream solves two purposes at the same time. It has a superior grip on the denture and simultaneously the scope flavor helps kill any germs present thereby giving a fresh breath. The tip of the tube also helps the material to come out in a thin line. This helps prevent from wastage of material.

fixodent plus



Fixodent plus true feel –

As the name suggests, the adhesive is so thin that it gives feeling closer to natural teeth. There is no added zinc as well. Tip of the tube provides less ooze. The best denture adhesive for partials. Although can be used by complete denture wearers.

fixodent true feel



Fixodent Complete –

The denture adhesive provides complete seal, hold and comfort to the denture. Comes in fresh mint flavor.

fixodent complete


Fixodent Neutral –

The Fixodent neutral adhesive cream is free from zinc. Every adhesive has some quantity of zinc but this specific one is completely free from zinc. Even though it has no added zinc, still the paste holds the denture properly. The adhesive if applied only once can hold the denture whole day long.

fixodent neutral denture adhesive



Fixodent Plus Gum care –

Seals the denture with the gums and prevents bacterial growth. Takes good care of gums and heals irritation and soreness if any caused due to denture. The ultra thin tip of the tube allows the cream to flow smoothly and in the exact required quantity.

fixodent gum care



Fixodent fresh –

It is of mint flavor so, gives a fresh breath to all those denture wearers who lose their confidence due to bad breath. The hold, grip and seal is exactly the same as the other Fixodent variants.

fixodent fresh



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  1. Thanks for the amazing review of Denture Adhesive. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose what is best for our oral health. your review makes it easy to know better about the Denture Adhesive products.

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