Why you should stop using tobacco now?

Why you should stop using tobacco now?

Why you should stop using tobacco now?
Tobacco is a leaf product that contains a stimulant called nicotine. It is very important to stop using tobacco immediately. Just think about it and start implementing it because it is never too late to quit tobacco. Tobacco is the root cause of many type of disease, may it be associated with teeth or the whole body. It is associated with all sorts of tooth cancer, throat, lips, heart, liver and lung diseases. Tobacco is available in various forms for consumption. People who start consuming tobacco get addicted to it and that becomes difficult for them to quit.

Forms of tobacco-

There are various forms in which tobacco is consumed and some of them are beedi, cigarette, cigar, pipe smoking, tobacco chewing, snufs, snus, hookah, ghutka, etc. As per WHO (world health organization), intake of tobacco either smoked or smokeless is the primary reason of preventable death.



Effects seen when you stop using tobacco –

Increase of life span –

The day a person starts consuming tobacco, his life span starts decreasing. And if this goes on continuously then, the person will have to face uncompromising medical situations.

 Make a person sociable –

Tobacco makes a person addicted and therefore he always tries to stay away from the society. Hence, quitting tobacco can make him a sociable person.

 Give a beautiful smile –

An oral prophylaxis followed after quitting tobacco will give you a tobacco stain free smile. Quitting tobacco will not only improve your physical appearance but also will help in regaining your lost self esteem.

 Helpful for your surrounding people –

The one smoking tobacco is at higher risk of cancer along with person who inhales the smoke. Inhaling smoke might be less injurious but in the long run this might be the cause of mortality.

quit tobacco

Initiates normal growth of the baby –

For all those smoking mothers or the smoker husband of a pregnant wife, they should quit tobacco immediately. Because along with them the fetus or the baby is also the sufferer. This might retard the growth of the baby.


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