15 Ways to maintain your Oral hygiene

15 Ways to maintain Oral hygiene

15 Ways to maintain your Oral hygiene


Before getting into the details of ways to maintain oral hygiene, we should know what exactly is meant by oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is the procedure or practice of maintaining the cleanliness of teeth, gums in and around mouth so as to be free from any dental diseases.

Why should you maintain oral hygiene?

  • Maintenance of a good oral hygiene helps prevent from any pathological diseases associated with mouth and teeth.
  • When you talk to some one, you don’t have the fear of bad breath if you have healthy gums, thereby it keeps you confident.
  • Stronger and brighter teeth give you a million dollar smile and that helps boost your personality. A smile changes your visual appearance.
  • Enhances your self confidence and gives you a positive mind set.
  • Healthy enamel and strong dentin prevents tooth sensitivity, so you can eat whatever you want.
  • Decreases the risk of oral cancer.
  • One can enjoy with the natural teeth until a much older age.

How to maintain oral hygiene?

  1. Correct Brushing technique-

Brushing teeth is advised from a Little age of 1 yr till you have teeth in your mouth. The bristles help remove most of the debris from teeth. It is always suggested to make a habit of brushing twice daily for 3 to 4min with fluoridated toothpaste approved by ADA. Choose a brush according to the requirement of soft or medium bristles. Tooth brush should be changed every 2 to 3 months to prevent ulcers in mouth. Orthodontic (braces) patients should use an orthodontic toothbrush and patients with dentures should clean their dentures with brush daily.

  1. Proper Toothpaste-

Many commercially types of toothpaste are available but only the ADA approved toothpastes are recommended to be used. Toothpastes with fluoride content if used will help prevent fluorosis.

  1. Use of Mouthwash or rinsing-

After every meal it is mandatory to rinse mouth with water properly so that the food particles don’t stick into the teeth. Chlorhexidine or non chlorhexidine, alcohol free mouthwash can be used to prevent gingivitis (gum disease). Warm saline (Luke warm water with normal salt) gargle can also be done to get rid of any underlying bacterial infection.

15 Ways to maintain your Oral hygiene

  1. Flossing-

Dental floss these days are easily available over the counters. It is the duty of parents to teach the use of floss from beginning. Dental floss is a thread like thing that is wrapped with the index fingers of both the hands and is put in the inter proximal (in between the tight contact) region of two teeth. It is then moved to and fro slowly thereby releasing the stuck substances in between. For each tooth, fresh floss should be used for maintenance of healthy hygiene.

dental floss

  1. Tongue cleaning-

On the rougher surface of the tongue, many bacteria’s make their home. In order to prevent halitosis tongue cleaning should be done with a tongue cleaner.

  1. Avoid Sugar coated products-

Try avoiding sugary foods especially in between meals. You can have them along with the meal if you want. This prevents decaying of tooth.

  1. Increase consumption of fibrous vegetables-

Vegetables rich in fiber should the main constituent in your meal as those fibers help in natural cleansing of teeth.

  1. Fruits-

Fruits like lemon, orange should not be eaten quite frequently as the citric acid present in these fruits will erode the enamel and cause sensitivity.

  1. Avoid drinking Tea or coffee-

Intake of tea and coffee more frequently creates brown stains in the teeth, thereby hampers your smile.

  1. Chewing gums and uses-

Sugarless chewing gums can be chewed when you don’t have enough time to take care of oral health or you are outside home. Chewing of gums help to remove the debris and especially xylitol chewing gums increases salivary secretion and reduces the chances of having cavities.

  1. Quit smoking and alcohol-

It will help reduce staining of teeth, tooth loss, gum disease, bad breath and moreover the risk of cancer. Tobacco is the reason of many people’s death. So, quitting as early possible will be a wise decision.

  1. Intake of calcium and other vitamins-

Calcium and vitamin D in the form of milk or tablets can be taken to make the teeth stronger. Other Vitamins like B complex, zinc are also required to prevent gums from bleeding and helps maintain healthy oral hygiene.

  1. Avoid Soda or other acidic soft drinks-

The acid reacts with the minerals present in the enamel and dissolves it. Thereby, causing erosion of teeth and receding of gums. And this finally concludes with sensitivity, caries and mobility of teeth.

  1. Use teeth only for mastication( chewing food)-

One should not indulge his teeth in opening bottles, cans or any other thing. The resultant will be a cracked down tooth. It is very important to preserve the natural teeth for mastication so, maintaining good oral hygiene becomes vital.

  1. Visit to dentist-

To maintain good oral hygiene one must definitely visit a dentist every 6 months for routine dental check up. It will help you know about your dental hygiene status. The dentist will advise or recommend what you must do to improve oral hygiene or will appreciate if proper hygiene is maintained.

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