All you need to know about dental dentures

All you need to know about dental dentures

All you need to know about dental dentures

Dentures are the artificial gums and teeth that a dentist designs for patients who have completely no teeth on either or both of the arches (completely edentulous) or with some teeth (partially edentulous) in their mouth. Dental dentures are the best and easy replacement for natural teeth. Dentures are basically of two types- complete or partial which are removable. However, there are also fixed dentures that are made stable on the ridge with the help of implants and clasps for better retention.

Material of a denture-

Over the years, there have been quite an impressive change in dentistry and this is why the materials used today for making dentures is of superior quality. The gum region is fabricated with acrylic material which can be either heat or light cure. These have superior strength but when excess pressure is applied it might cause breakage of the denture.

Importance of denture-

Denture can be given to a patient for various reasons. Denture is given when there is loss of teeth but the function of a denture increases its value.

  • Prevents bone loss in the area of tooth loss.
  • Helps in proper mastication (chewing food). One can even eat their favorite delicacies during old age.
  • A denture is easily affordable. So, immediately after a tooth removal one can place a denture.
  • Helps in regaining the facial appearance because of the natural look of a denture. So, has a high esthetic value.
  • A person will be able to talk and smile without any hesitation because of the dentures. Hence, one gains self esteem by interacting with people socially.

Partial dentures-

A partial denture is given to a person who has few of his/her teeth or tooth missing either in the upper or lower or both the arches. A partial denture can be either removable or fixed.

A fixed partial denture (FPD) is a crown or bridge that resembles exactly like a natural tooth and is fixed permanently. It is expensive than the removable denture.

A removable partial denture (RPD) is the replacement for both the gums and teeth. So, this looks a bit unnatural than the FPD. But because of its lesser price it is used. The removable denture retains its stability with the help of supporting teeth from both the sides but sometimes a clasp is given as a retainer for extra stability. These retainers are again of two types- direct and indirect


Complete denture-

When all the teeth are gone then from either the upper or lower or both arches then, only a complete denture can help you. A complete denture stays on both the arches only because of saliva. Saliva acts as a retainer to retain the denture and stabilize it on the arch. Sometimes implants are given to fix the denture but only when after studying the bone quality and other factors.

Denture Adhesive are also used for stability and retention of the complete denture.

All you need to know about dental dentures

Tips for people wearing removable dentures-

  • It usually takes time to adjust with a foreign object and so the denture to a patient. Initially it will be a hindrance but gradually one will get used to it.
  • Denture should not be worn always. It should be taken out of the mouth before going to bed.
  • Do not allow plaque to accommodate on your denture. Try to keep it clean by brushing your false teeth. It has to be cleaned every morning like that of your natural teeth and then worn.
  • Do not forget to learn and practice the procedure of taking out and wearing the denture before leaving the dental office. Because a slight mistake and pressure can make you count money.
  • If there is any sharp or uneven surface on the denture that pinches your soft tissues, then you must consult your dentist.
  • Try keeping the denture as much clean as possible to avoid any fungal infections like that of denture stomatitis.

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