Cosmetic dentistry - Things to know

Cosmetic dentistry – Things to know

Cosmetic dentistry - Things to know

Why is it called cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry deals with the esthetic part of teeth and smile. Any dental procedure that is done to change the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums or smile is called cosmetic dentistry. From minor repair like teeth whitening to major procedures like aligning the teeth or a proper smile design, everything is done by a cosmetic dentist. The sparkle in a person’s teeth can be done through cosmetic dentistry.

Why is it important?

Cosmetic dentistry not only improves your facial appearance but also makes you potential to boast your self confidence. It helps you project your personality in a much appreciable way. A slight alignment or minor changes in teeth can bring about a drastic change in a person’s physical and professional life.

These days it is very important as to how you present yourself to others. There is not even a single person in this world who would not love to hear compliments from people. And a cosmetic dentist can help you to achieve this with his skills of dental work and creativity.

What are the procedures that come under cosmetic dentistry?

Teeth whitening  –

Just by giving a sparkling, bright smile half of your work is done. So, in order to get the bright smile, the teeth needs to look white. Teeth whitening is a procedure in which the teeth get whitened by use of some non harmful mild chemicals or bleaching agents. The procedure takes several appointments but the end result will take away all those pain of hectic schedules. It is always advised to go for tooth bleaching in a dental office because a dentist knows the right amount of dosage.

cosmetic dentistry


Minor corrections of the teeth can be done by placing a thin layer of laminate or veneer on top the teeth. This not only corrects your teeth but also gives you an appealing smile line.

cosmetic dentistry

Smile designing-

Designing the smile line, occlusal path, amount of gingiva to be seen while smiling, straightening the Mal aligned or crooked teeth comes under this basically involves in changing your entire smile’s length and breadth.

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