Dental facts every mother should know for their baby

Dental facts every mother should know for their baby


Dental facts every mother should know for their baby

There are many dental facts every mother should know. A mother is very close to the baby, it is she who has to take care of every little thing and even the teeth. It is important to take good care of the baby teeth even though they will shed off because this has an impact on the permanent teeth. So, a visit to kids dentist is a must.

1. Neonatal teeth –

You should not get afraid you find a tooth in a baby during birth. This is called as the neo natal tooth. It is quite normal and nothing to worry about.

2. Cleaning gums –

Though the baby has no teeth and only gums until few months, so the mother has to clean the gums with the help of a wet gauge and should do this after every feeding. This will help in avoiding the bacteria’s to get trapped in the gums which would affect the teeth when they erupt.

3. Eruption of teeth –

In children, teeth starts appearing from 6 to 7 months of age. The lower front two teeth are the first to be seen with simultaneous eruption of upper front teeth in the oral cavity.

Dental facts every mother should know

4. Chewing habit –

Allow your babies to chew little sliced apples or carrots. Do not just keep a habit of giving semi liquid food as this will disrupt the chewing habit when he has all his teeth. Babies with the front four teeth can cut and chew the food.

5. Nursing bottle caries –

Breast feeding is the best way and is a must at least for the first 6 months from birth of the baby. If you make a habit of giving bottled milk regularly, then this has a risk of nursing bottle and rampant caries. So make sure to clean your baby’s mouth with water each and every time.

6. Visit to dentist at the age of 1 –

This will help your kids dentist diagnose if anything wrong in the teeth and will teach you about brushing.

7. Brushing teeth –

Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as you see many teeth in the oral cavity. Try to hold the brush do it regularly so that it becomes regular habit when they grow up.

8. Toothpaste –

Start giving your child fluoridated tooth paste to use while brushing at 2yrs of age. By this time he must not swallow the toothpaste and make a note of brushing twice daily. It will make their enamel stronger and devoid of caries.

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